Are We Ready for Education Reform In Nigeria?


By Adetola Salau

“If ever there was a cause, if ever there can be a cause, worthy to be upheld by all of…sacrifice that the human heart can endure, it is the cause of Education.” – Horace Mann

“Our education system is a disaster; it is failing our children, and their future is at stake”, is a catchphrase that has become a broken record to me, as I hear it everywhere – at conferences, during online discussions and casual conversations in various places.

When I hear it, I am taken back to my first two years of teaching, when more experienced teachers complained to the inexperienced ones like me. They didn’t like the rapid changes that were taking place in the education sphere, as they felt comfortable with the old ways of regimented learning procedures. This wasn’t the case for we the newbies, as we had to be creative, collaborate effectively to survive and…

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