Kidnapping And Weak Value System


Evans, after he was captured

By Tayo Ogunbiyi

Prior to its reaching an escalating height, kidnapping did not rank among the most ardent security concerns or crimes in the country. But then, all that seems to have changed as it has not only become a high ranking crime in the country but a lucrative one for that matter.

According to a Freedom House report, Nigeria recorded one of the highest rates of kidnapping in the world in 2013. Similarly, the US Department of State’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013 indicates that kidnapping and related violence were “serious” problems in Nigeria.

Initially, kidnapping was ‘invented’ in the creeks of the Niger Delta by militants as a way of calling the attention of government and multi-national companies who are involved in the oil industry to their environmental and infrastructure challenges. Later on, kidnapping…

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