We are ready for probe – Presidential Amnesty Spokesman


The Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) Office, said on Saturday that it would welcome probe of the programme and not mere blackmail.

Mr Owei Lakemfam, Head of Media, said in Abuja in a statement that the office attention had been drawn to a faceless group demanding a probe of its activities.

According to him, as a public institution answerable to the public, the Office is obliged to give account of its activities.

“So, in itself, there is nothing wrong with a probe, a probe does not mean guilt; it is merely an inquiry to find out if any infraction has been committed.

“It is like a man undergoing routine medical checkup which does not necessarily mean he is sick.

“However, the PAP Office objects to the group’s follow up blackmail of the supervising officers, the leadership of the PAP and their families.

“If in truth this group wants a probe, it ordinarily will wait…

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