Ndigbo in Nigeria: History is My Witness


Joe Igbokwe

By Joe Igbokwe

Few days ago a friend, Patriot and a committed Nigerian,Emmanuel Majebi reminded me of the tragedy of looking the way and keeping quiet by men who should know better in times of crisis. He reminded me of the calamity that will befall a society or nation when real men choose to be neutral in times of great moral crisis. He reminded me that evil triumph in every society when good and thinking men do nothing. Hear Emmanuel: “The story is usually told of how Years after the devastation of Germany in WW2 … There was a meeting of German Egg Heads … And the question was how did it come to past that a nation that produced Great Thinkers like Friederich Niettzshe.. Karl Max …Albert Einstein….Bruno Bauer. Friederich Engels… Etc ..etc…get seized and goaded into ultimate destruction by a loony like Hitler… Who was not even originally German but…

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