Why I’m Afraid of Nigeria’s Break-up


Future map of Nigeria?

By Gimba Kakanda

A few days ago, a friend asked me to explain my aversion for the idea of secession as championed by the neo-Biafran advocates of South-East Nigeria. He had assumed it was the fear, as simplified in a certain series of propaganda, of the North’s foreseen inability to sustain itself economically, post-breakup.

Since it was a private conversation, I elected to present my actual reasons bit by bit, some of which I can’t express in public, and offered him a mirror which, when we were done, reflected a possibility that scared him too.

He saw that I was afraid of the break-up for the very reason a part of Nigeria seeks to leave. For cultural hegemony. This calculated domination of our diverse society by the elite using ethnicity, religion and all the binary identities, sentiments, affiliations and values available, to hold on to power, and to…

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