Biafra: The South-East Igbo Did Not Kill Ahmadu Bello


Late Sir Ahmadu Bello, first Premier of Northern Nigeria

By SKC Ogbonnia

The recent quit notice issued by the Arewa Youths to the Igbo (or rather the “South-Easterners”) residing in Northern Nigeria has provoked peppering opinions. But there is a cogent reason to take it easy on the innocent youth. They are plainly the victims of gross distortion of national history that began during the civil war but is today causing more harm than any good intended.

First and foremost, the provocative quit notice would not have come to pass if the Arewa Youths had any clue that the South-South zone, the thin thread that currently holds Nigeria together, boasts of many parts of Igboland, including such big cities as Asaba and Port-Harcourt (formerly Iguocha). The gullible youth were basically acting the script of the government of the day that is crudely attempting to re-write history to…

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