Video: Inspectors Forcefully Drag Nigerian Man Out Of Train


Nigerian-Man being forced out of train in Germany

Inspectors of the S-Bahn Munich in Germany pulled a 48-year-old Nigerian from the train by force. The two ticket inspectors of the Deutsche Bahn German train system were caught on camera savagely dragging the Nigerian man out of a train after he reportedly refused to provide his ID and pay a fine for not having a ticket.

The man could be seen vehemently clinging on metal handrails, as two men in uniform ferociously battle to get him out of the suburban S-Bahn train, headed to Munich city center from the airport.

Natalia Miletic who filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook, can be heard telling the inspectors:

“It’s absolutely not OK what you’re doing, the guy didn’t do anything to you.”“You should be ashamed of yourself, this is racism what you’re doing,”. “Why are you doing this? He paid.”

The woman…

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