Ex-power minister calls for segmentation of power transmission lines


Prof. Barth Nnaji

Former Minister of Power, Prof. Barth Nnaji on Thursday called for the segmentation of power transmission lines to improve electricity supply and check national grid breakdown.

“When segmented, the lines should be privatised to renowned electricity transmission companies that have the competence to manage it and expend on it as agreed,’’ Nnaji said.

The former minister spoke while delivering a presentation at a public discourse; `The Big Ideas Podium’’.

The public discourse, which was themed: “Electricity: Key Ingredient for Nigeria’s Economic Development and Unity’’, was orgainsed by African Heritage Institution (Afri-Heritage).

He said that with competent companies handling transmission and with a reasonable mandate and time-line, they would improve the capacity, which would then aid the vacation of more power as well as allow the power…

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