Abuja taxi drivers dissociate members from protest, police arrest suspects


Scene of violent protest by taxi drivers in Abuja

Our Reporter with agency report

Commercial taxi drivers under Painted Abuja Taxis (PATs) on Wednesday dissociated its members from the protest that paralyzed social and economic activities in Abuja for several hours.

Mr Shehu Yar’Adua, the chairman of the group revealed in Abuja that the protest was carried out by miscreants.

He said that speculation that the protest was because a taxi driver was killed or injured by the FCT Joint Task Force (JTF) was not true.

Yar’Adua said the injured person was not a member of PATs but a private driver, who was with his family, had problem with the JTF that resulted to fight.

“When the incident happened, the people around thought he was our member and I think in the course of the fighting, he fell down.

“That was what people saw and then concluded that he was shot dead by the JTF and…

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