Development: Unilag VC calls for interdisciplinary research


Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos, Prof. Rahamon Bello

Nigeria needs multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary researches to drive the needed development in the country, outgoing Vice-Chancellor of University of Lagos (Unilag), Prof. Rahamon Bello, has said.

Bello made the observation in Lagos.

“If I carry out a research on my own, I am limited because it is only what I know that I will work on.

“If I am doing a research in engineering, I must bring along a sociologist, a lawyer, a psychologist to look at the output and its impact on the society so as to ensure a high economic value,’’ Bello said.

He said that Nigeria had yet to adequately fund research, noting that no economy would thrive without elaborate research input.

“We have not put enough resources into research to harness as much as we should be harnessing as a big nation.

“A nation that has the kind of…

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