Guns,  mass shooting and the USA- Giving ‘Madness’ A Bad Name


Dr Femi Olugbile

By Femi Olugbile

On the morning of Sunday, November 5, 2017, a young man dressed all in black disembarked from his car and walked calmly towards a small white-painted Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas where a Sunday morning service was in progress. He was carrying an assault rifle. At the door, point-blank, he opened fire on the congregation.

In the space of a few minutes, twenty-six people – men, women, children, would be lying dead inside the Baptist Church. Another twenty would be carrying grievous injuries. A few would have managed to escape through side doors and windows from the house of worship that had suddenly become a killing field.

An all too familiar scenario quickly began to play out. Within the hour the killer was dead, hunted down, it turned out, by a citizen who had witnessed the carnage, and who had wrestled with the gunman and somehow got…

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