Police arrest 164 Otodo Gbame residents for sleeping at Governor’s office entrance


Residents of Otodo Gbame convert State House road to apartment

The police in Lagos have arrested 164 displaced residents of Otode-Gbame community, Lekki over Wednesday’s protest at the Lagos House, Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

It was learnt that a pregnant woman and five female were among those arrested on Wednesday night as they were passing the night at the entrance of the State House, Ikeja.

The protesters were arrested as they converted the entrance to the State House to a sleeping abode. They had during the protest vowed to pass the night at the entrance of the State House.

A resident, Emmanuel Mustapha, who escaped the arrest, said after the protest, they decided to pass the night at the governor’s office since they had no shelter, with hope that their presence would aid them in fulfilling promises made earlier.

He said at about 12 am, the police stormed the…

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