The Nigeria Military And Gender Discrimination


Betty Akeredolu

By Arábìnrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu

Various news media sources on the 13th of November 2017 carried the report of how the Nigerian Military in its newly ratified “Conditions of Service” has implemented a major policy reversal by excluding female cadets from the combatant course of the Nigerian Defence Academy. This policy reversal it has been reported was based on the recommendation of the Armed Forces Council recently inaugurated by the President.

While no official explanation has been given by the Nigerian Military, the Armed Forces Council or the Presidency as to why this policy, which is a direct reversal of a policy implemented just six years ago, was taken, the news outlets all suggest that it was taken due to pressures from northern Muslim leaders to prevent women from reaching the pinnacle of leadership within the Nigerian Armed Forces. Herein,…

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