Tam David-West explodes: Buhari better than Babangida by far


Professor Tam David West

Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Prof Tam David-West has declared that he cannot vouch for retired Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s integrity and that the former military president is not in the same league with President Muhammadu Buhari in terms of clean leadership.

In an interview with Daily Trust, David-West, a professor of micro-biology who still resides in his house at the University of Ibadan, said he can take an oath on Buhari as a clean man but cannot do the same for Babangida.

Asked to compare the leadership of Babangida and Buhari both of whom he served as oil minister, David-West blurted out: ”Babangida can never be compared as a leader with Buhari. I take responsibility for that statement.

”Buhari and Babangida are two different personalities. Buhari is a clean man. I can take any oath that Buhari is very clean and I won’t die. I…

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