Islamic State in Libya prepares to regroup after losing stronghold



Islamic State (IS) in Libya is preparing to regroup, one year after the terrorists lost the city of Sirte.

Forces of the Libyan UN-backed government announced last year taking control of the entire city of Sirte, some 450 km east the capital Tripoli, following an eight-month war against IS affiliates that killed more than 700 army soldiers and injured 3,000 others.

Taha Hadid, a spokesman for Sirte’s Security Force, said the city is recovering greatly, but there is fear that IS is regrouping while continuing to recruit new members.

Hadid said: “we know very well that head of the IS immigration bureau, Khabib Al-Darnawi, is still recruiting new members.

“He is a wanted man who is still moving with the remaining fighters in Sirte and Jufra desert.

“We found IS belongings and clothes of African migrants in the valley and desert areas of Sirte. This is evidence…

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