Petrol scarcity: Black market boom in nothern states


Motorists in Kaduna, Bauchi and Yolanda are facing hard times buying petrol in chaotic situations following accute scarcity of the product.

Checks on filling stations in the states, particularly Kaduna metropolis and its environs, revealed that hundreds of motorists passed the night at the stations, complaining of mosquito bites.

Others who left vehicles on long queues, complained of battery theft overnight.

NAN reports that many petroleum marketers closed their stations, while the few ones operating in chaotic environment, sold at official pump price but were collecting extra cash from buyers.

Back marketers are having field days right at the stations, making brisk business as five litres of petrol is sold at N1,500.

A cross section of the motorists called on the Federal Government to act fast on the crisis to avoid the recurrence of 2016 experience.

“The 2016 fuel crisis…

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