Why Nigerian Victims of Slavery Cannot Sue Libya


Femi Falana

By Femi Falana

In the past twenty years, our law office has been inundated with complaints from Nigerians who were brutalised in some African countries. Some of the complaints pertain to the barbaric killing of 18 Nigerians during an armed invasion of the Nigerian Embassy in Guinea Bissau on October 8, 2013. It is common knowledge that Nigerians living in South Africa have been subjected to xenophobic attacks which have led to the loss of lives and destruction of property on several occasions. Other Nigerian citizens have been brutalised or killed gruesomely in some other African countries. In recent time, there have been reports of young men and women who were killed in North Africa while crossing the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea on their way to European countries for greener pastures. In the process, many of the travelers have been captured and sold into…

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