Here’s Alibaba’s Opinion On Same Sex Marriage


Ali Baba- Same sex marriage

Nigeria’s foremost comedian and host of ”Alibaba Seriously” Alibaba has his opinion on tithe paying as well as same sex marriage.

The father of 3 who is used to writing lengthy posts on Instagram shared his thoughts on the issue and wrote:

If any PASTOR agrees that a man can marry a man and that a woman can marry a woman… something that is not in the bible, then he has no right to preach about sin. In fact, he has lost the right to call anyone a sinner. Because it can not be only tithes that cannot be changed. People keep permitting everything and harping on the one that suits them. If you agree that men can marry men, then we can begin to negotiate tithes. I know many are afraid to speak on this matter. But the truth is there… It’s not going away. Come and be drumming into my ears “God said…” “It is written” “God is always…

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