Tithe debate: Theology versus evidence


Ifedayo Babalola

By Ifedayo Babalola

Profiling the Nigerian anti-tithe coalition is no mean task. For, it is a potpourri assembly comprising many non-Pentecostal Christians, old church reverends, adherents of such other faiths which consider Christianity a heresy against God, 24-carat atheists and people, who, frankly speaking, never cared about any public issue debate other than which of the P-Square brothers married the more beautiful wife.

Some say a number of Pentecostal church members as well are closet anti-tithers and were happy to assist outsiders who attempted to upset the ecclesiastical status quo. And so important was this task that such a diverse congregation put all differences aside to mass under the ministration of OAP Freeze, who ironically, was himself a Bible-quoting sort of alternative Daddy.

The task of profiling a tithe payer is nevertheless made easier; and…

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