Congo, Uganda to launch joint operation against rebels


Uganda Soldiers

Congo and Uganda are planning a joint military operation against a Congo-based Ugandan rebel group blamed for an attack that killed 15 UN peacekeepers, army officials from the two countries said.

Fighters from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) are suspected of being behind the Dec. 8 assault on a base manned by Tanzanian UN troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s troubled eastern borderlands.

The attack, which also killed five Congolese soldiers and wounded another 53 peacekeepers, and came amid a rising wave of violence in the mineral-rich area.

“The commanders of the ADF are Ugandan citizens. A mechanism will be outlined so the two armies can share intelligence and carry out a coordinated operation,” said Gen. Marcel Mashita, a senior Congolese army commander in the east.

Representatives from the two armies met in the Congolese border town of…

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