Conversation With Niyi Osundare


Niyi Osundare

By Femi Olugbile

The event was billed as the last installment of the programme ‘Literary Crossroads Nigeria’ for the year 2017.

The moderator, who would guide the discussion with the guest, was KunleAjibade, himself an author, a notable activist, and a prominent journalist.

The Lagos traffic was all awry, and you were running late. The conversation was well into its stride by the time you reached the venue- the Goethe auditorium up on the fourth floor of City Hall, in the heart of the city.

The turnout was remarkable, given the fact that this was early evening on a working day in a city noted for its relentless bustle. There were writers and artists of various descriptions – mostly the young aspiring members of the burgeoning creative community eager to listen and engage with one of the icons of poetic expression in the African continent.

Niyi was a local man…

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