Commuters groan as transport fare rises by 100% in Ibadan


Petrol Queue

As the scarcity of petrol persists in Ibadan, transport fare has gone up by 100 per cent.

However, in spite of the fuel shortage, there were scores of people at some motor parks, who were set to travel home for this festive season.

At the new Ife road park, the transport fare to Ile-Ife, Osogbo, Ilesa, which previously cost N500, N600 and N700, now attracts N1,000, N1, 200 and N1, 500 respectively.

The fare from Ibadan to Akure, has increased from N1,100 to N2, 200 while to Owo and Akoko, it has gone up from N1, 500 to N3, 000.

At the Lagos park in Iwo road, a trip to Lagos now costs N2, 000 or more as against N1, 000, which it cost two days ago.

Also at the Ojoo park, the transport fare to Ilorin, which previously cost N1, 500 now costs N3, 000 while the fare to Iseyin attracts N1, 200 from the previous N600.

Some of the drivers attributed the hike in transport…

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