Abuja residents spend Christmas at petrol stations


Fuel queues in Lagos

Most Abuja motorists celebrated Christmas on long queues at filling stations as the scarcity of petrol continue in the territory.

Long queues were observed in most fuel stations visited on Monday, which included NNPC, Oando and Total filling stations.

Mr Chris Abiti, in an interview, said he and his family have been at the NNPC Mega Station in Central Area for more than an hour and it’s getting closer to his turn.

Abiti said that something urgent needed to be done to avert the recurrent scarcity during festivities, especially Christmas and New Year seasons.

“It’s not the leadership problem or government at fault. It’s a systemic failure of some private company and individuals causing the problems.

“Something urgent most be done to spare Nigerians from this yearly agony. We should not continue like this,” he said.

Abiti added that NNPC mega…

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