Ogun Rice Pyramid: A Word for The Nay Sayers and Never-Do-Well


Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Ogun state governor

By Bolarinwa Ojesegun

In Ogun State, it is definitely not the season of discontent, as some would want the world to believe. In fact, contrary to the wishes of the army of Photoshop and mis-information experts prowling the landscape, the Ogun State of today is a place where success and good governance have found residence. It’s a place where the glory of God shines from the top of the rocks of peace and progress!

And this is why some of us, ordinary citizens, not given to politics of misinformation are not only appalled by the futile attempts of some mischievous elements to alter the facts around developments in Ogun State, but are resolved, more than ever before, to never give in to the nay-saying apostles of malice.

Of course we know that whenever our electoral cycle comes around, it becomes the frantic occupation of the idle and…

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