Police beat lotto operator to death


The deceased

A 43-year old Lotto operator has been allegedly beaten to death by policemen at Okokomaiko area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

The deceased, Bukola Adeogun was said to have been tortured to death by the police officers at Okokomaiko Police Station at Oke-Afa area on Wednesday.

It was gathered that the deceased was arrested by the police with 30 other residents on Tuesday night while the police were carrying out criminal raid in the area.

The victim, who owned a Lotto kiosk was said to have been arrested while leaving his shop that fateful Tuesday night by the police

Sources said many of those arrested by thee police were tortured, including the deceased.

According to wife of the deceased, Adewunmi Adeogun, she went to the station to see her husband, but was prevented from doing so by the police.

She said her husband was about leaving his shop when the police arrested…

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