Tales of woes by Libya returnees


Libya Returnees

By Ehigimetor Igbaugba

Faith Oboh, 22, is the third in a family of 12 persons; the first daughter in a polygamous family who lost her mother before he finished with her secondary school’s education.

Oboh is among the more than 200 returnees from Libya who had to undergo documentation organised by the Edo Anti-Human Trafficked and Illegal Migration team.

Any perspective observer in the venue of the event would not require a seer to imagine the seriousness of the thought she had in that mood; looking as if her world had collapsed.

Her appearance looked as someone who has been cast out without any chance to succeed in life and deep in her thought was uncertainty and, somewhat, bleak future.

Saying some words unwillingly, she took courage to recall that she was a hair stylist but extreme poverty informed her decision to go through the desert of Libya in December,…

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