Lyrics: Tiwa Savage – ‘Wanted’


    (I’m better than you That’s why I’m wanted That’s why I’m wanted. Photo: Tiwa Savage)
    (Producer: Don jazzy. Songwriter: Tiwa Savage)
    My heart is beating
    Cos they looking for me
    And I can hear them screaming..yea ah, yea ah
    And I admit I was there
    But didn’t mean you should fell
    Cos when it started too bad
    I left him there
    It was like a gun on my hand
    Killing him slow while i’m shake shaking it
    I didn’t wanna do it cos I know
    Out in the street they call it murder
    Hmmm, by the way nothing you fit do
    Said by the way, nothing you fit do
    Cos by the way, I’m better …Read More

    Source:: The NET