Lyrics: Vector – ‘King Kong’


    (Vector at your door like ding ding dong Beating on my chest Omo see king kong Huhn king kong. Photo: Vector)
    (Songwriter: Vector)
    Ara ra ra ra
    Ara ra ra ra ra..ororororo
    Why you dey looking at me
    King of the world, no throne
    Future looking like it never known night
    I can’t lose competition should have known right
    Y’all losing on purpose cos it’s looking like a throne fight
    Emi l’oba se
    I am the hottest in the game
    I’m the fire shey
    You acting acting, i run ekiti, fayose
    The rap fire, every song is burning in me
    So hot, when the devil dies, he’s coming to me
    We all making money …Read More

    Source:: The NET