Not featuring in Psquare’s ‘Do me’ video left me very sad – Waje


    By Timilehin Ajagunna
    Waje’s stage name is an acronym for the catchline _ ‘Words Aren’t Just Enough’. Photo:
    Aituaje Iruobe popularly known as Waje is one of the most talented Nigerian singers at the moment.
    The Glo ambassador is known for her vocal strength and her stage name – an acronym from ‘Words Aren’t Just Enough’ says a lot in this regard. NET engaged the beautiful mother one in this interview at a recent event she held in Lagos titled Waje: the Tale of an African Soul.
    What is the inspiration behind this event?
    It’s just a way of emphasising more on the brand ‘Waje and to showcase the African Soul. Waje is a soul musician who believes more in live music. I am more comfortable doing live band, it makes me connect to my audience easily. We are also trying to bring back the live band culture. In the past, we used to have musicians staging concerts regularly for fans to come and have fun. Nowadays it barely happens. That is basically the motive behind the concept.
    While you were performing, you said you were signed to a label for 10 years without having an opportunity to produce an album. How did that happen?
    Waje a few years back. Photo: News2 Online
    I was signed to the record label as a young girl. The record label was owned by a family friend, so I didn’t bother reading through or look at the nature of the deal I was signing. Sometime, people do have good intention but in life, time and chance happens to everybody. Even me, I did not have the ginger because I was probably waiting for them to do everything. I did not understand the culture of going out there and getting things done for myself. But the good thing is that the contract …Read More

    Source:: The NET