Osun slashes political office holders’ pay, flags off civil servants salary payment


The Government of the State of Osun has announced the commencement of the process of paying the salaries of civil servants in the state.
A statement issued by the Governor’s Office, said that it is paying the balance of November and full December salary arrears owed, while assuring that serious efforts are on to ensure the remaining months are also cleared.
Also, the government has announced a 50 percent cut in salaries and allowances of all political office holders in the state.
The statement further read that the government, while saddened and troubled by the turn of events in the financial status of the state and the country at large, is taking responsibility for the unfortunate problem and is prepared to meet the challenge head-on.
“Since the inception of this government, we have treated the resources under our control with the utmost respect and disbursed them diligently for the greater benefits of our people.
“Our mandate had always been to use our God-given wealth to bridge the gap between the downtrodden and the government. It is very unfortunate that we find ourselves unable to pay our workers their due wages for several months when, in the past, we stood for paying on or before the 25th of each month.
“We thank the ever gracious and understanding workers of our state for their patience as we go through this most trying time. However, we are glad to announce that we have commenced the process of paying for the balance of November and full December salary arrears for all our workers across the state and the process should be concluded by Friday, July 3rd, 2015.
“We are able to do this because our partners and creditors have faith in us and we have proven to be responsible and trustworthy.
“We must emphasise at this point: We are …Read More

Source:: New Mail