OPINION: Ali Baba shares 15 insights to being black yet classy


    By Ali Baba
    This photo was posted by Ali Baba on his Instagram as a form of demonstration. Photo: Zinny_Hart/Instagram
    Grand Comedian of the Federal Republic, Ali Baba shared some insight on how the black man has come to turn history around to his own benefit while also sharing 15 ways to becoming a classic man.
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    ‘THE MAN IN THE PICTURE…… I came upon this picture today and couldn’t help to see how history had been turned on its head. So I had to highlight a few things many may have missed.’
    1. The reversed roles where a white person is attending to the black man’s shoes. And it even looks like it’s a woman doing it. If that is true then it’s very insightful.
    2. That you are black doesn’t stop you from being informed.
    3. Being well dressed is one thing, being trendy is another… But a classic combination never fails.
    4. A gentleman doesn’t wear Mohawk (sic). Get a haircut.
    5. Grooming is essential to every man.
    6. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different, you can be black and successful.
    7. If you work hard, white people will respect you and you will inspire other black men.
    8. Men should stop wearing those half socks. Your calves are not supposed to show!!! Unless you are wearing traditional outfits.
    9. When you sit down, undo the button of your suit.
    10. Be financially smart. Get educated about your finances and the dynamics or factors that control it.
    11. Read. Read. Read.
    12. Leave colour riots for rock stars. Make sure you combine your outfit well.
    13. A man’s shoes does say a lot about him. And how he cares for them will tell you about his person
    14. You don’t have to be on the phone all the time. Even if you can read the news on your phone, try to read hard …Read More

    Source:: The NET