Saudi declares Friday Eid Al-Fitr


The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has declared Thursday as the last day of Ramadan 2015 and Friday as the start of the Eid al-Fitr holidays.
In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Royal Court said a number of adult witnesses in a number of provinces across the kingdom have testified to have seen with the naked the new moon of the month of Shawwal 1436 in the Islamic calendar.
Eid al-Fitr celebration begins after the fasting month of Ramadan ends. During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food, drinks and sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk, which is an exercise in self-restraint, intended to bring the faithful closer to God.
However, former announcement of the termination of the ramadan fast and the eid celebration by the Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs is still being expected as at press time.
It is however, expected that the Sultan of Sokoto and leader of the Muslim Ummahs in Nigeria would announce the break in ramadan fast and the celebration of the Eid anytime soon.
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