5 reasons Toke Makinwa would find it tough to forgive Maje Ayida


    Barely a year and half after they signed the dotted lines, Toke Makinwa’s marriage to Maje Ayida is at a critical point. Photo: Toke Makinwa
    Last month, news broke that Toke Makinwa‘s marriage is in trouble, following reports that her husband, Maje Ayida has impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon.
    A whole one month has passed and Maje is now ready to address the matter and offer his apologies but here are five reasons why we think she would find it hard to forgive him…
    1. Maje speaks a full month after media storm: It took him more than a month to apologise since news broke out about the issue regarding their marriage. He apologised by sharing a post on Instagram, with a picture of Toke along with sweet words, which might not be true because they are coming so late.
    2. Toke deserves better: For Maje to have cheated on her by having an affair after marriage, it is enough reason for Toke to think he doesn’t appreciate her enough. She might just hope she will find someone better who will love and respect her!
    3. The bond can’t be the same anymore: Toke got to know about the pregnancy from an outsider and that means their relationship has been severely damaged. ‎ She will always be bothered with ‘what he’s thinking’ and there will be a wall between them, blocking the love they once shared.
    4. She’d be thinking about a reversal of roles:
    Just picture the scenario that Toke is the one who got pregnant and is now carrying another man’s baby. We have nothing more to add!
    5. Cheating is wrong: Most ladies know the TV personality as one who teaches people about relationships and she would want people who see her as a role model who deals with issues based on the fact …Read More

    Source:: The NET