Fuel crisis may worsen as NNPC shuts Arepo supply system over pipeline fire


Many suspected oil pipeline vandals and others were killed on Wednesday in Arepo, an Ogun State community bordering Lagos, while trying to scoop petrol from an oil pipeline facility at the area.
Our correspondent learnt that the vandals, while trying to force open the pipeline facility, caused a spark that led to explosions at about 1:30am.
Eyewitnesses put the casualty figure at between 32 and 100 and our correspondent reports that several hours after the incident, rescue workers were not allowed to the site by vandals who cordoned off the area to prevent access by security agents.
“As early as 1:30am, we heard a very loud explosion like an earthquake with heavy flash of light from the river. The vandals have, as usual, scooped fuel from the pipeline installation, filled them in many jerry cans and packed them in their speedboats.
“Trouble started when they were starting the engine of the speedboat, which refused to start. They persisted and the engine sparked off a light, which ignited a fire because of the thousands of petrol-filled jerry cans.
“Meanwhile, they were also dragging some on the water with ropes, those jerry cans spilled on the water surface, causing the fire to spread along the water until it reached the pipeline installation, leading to the explosions,” a witness who spoke with our correspondent said the vandals were shouting for help as they tried to flee.
The source said that many of the victims were burnt beyond recognition and they have been bringing their bodies with boats and taking them to unknown places. We’ve seen over 50 boats with dead bodies,” the source stated.
The incident has forced the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to shut down production on System 2B.
The shutdown of System 2B, which supplies petroleum products from Atlas Cove to depots in Mosimi, …Read More

Source:: New Mail