#SomeoneTellCNN: Kenyans taunt CNN over ‘terror hotbed’ tag ahead of Obama’s visit


    A CNN report branding Kenya as a ‘terror hotbed’ has set Twitter on fire. Photo: Twitter
    #SomeoneTellCNN to Get outta here! That’s one of today’s trending topics.
    Barack Obama will touch down in his father’s ancestral home country this week for the first time since becoming US President, where he is expected to be greeted by his counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta and thousands of expectant Kenyans.
    But not until Kenyans on social media have turned their guns for the second time at American cable channel, CNN after the station branded Kenya as a ‘Terror hotbed’.
    #SomeoneTellCNN is currently the No.1 trending topic on twitter and Kenyans haven’t taken the CNN’s headline branding Kenya ‘terror hotbed’ lightly, something Nigerians can easily relate with as the station not long ago identified Niger as Nigeria in one of its reports.
    See tweets below…

    #SomeoneTellCNN that our Son Obama will use this Thika road on his grandhomecoming this weekend pic.twitter.com/iyVH3F1ofa via @marthamacharia
    — Ma3Route (@Ma3Route) July 23, 2015

    #SomeoneTellCNN nobody watches CNN anymore pic.twitter.com/vkduHpHopU
    — Masaku (@masaku_) July 23, 2015

    KOT Army heading to CNN Headquarters #ShowKenyaToTheWorld #SomeoneTellCNN pic.twitter.com/uGsfJGfApW
    — KYAMA™ (@Elijahkyama) July 23, 2015

    #SomeoneTellCNN Americans are shooting each other day & night even in schools, what does that make you? a burning bedroom of terror?
    — Dennis Migono (@dennis_migono) July 23, 2015

    #SomeoneTellCNN this is Obama’s original identity card. pic.twitter.com/azljaHDfp9
    — HiviSasa (@HiviSasa) July 23, 2015

    #SomeoneTellCNN I’m a Nigerian and I support my fellow African. pic.twitter.com/cqpLLX6rCC
    — Àkànní-Adé® (@all4allNuel) July 23, 2015

    #SomeoneTellCNN that people like their journalists are the reason we have middle fingers. pic.twitter.com/RK5p7kLP9i
    — Jahmo (@Jamlick1) July 23, 2015

    #SomeoneTellCNN if you want to get Kenyan stories right,employ from our very own Hotbed of beauty&brains pic.twitter.com/jckhcMLJRQ
    — HON.KIBUCHI GABRIEL (@mkibuchis_Mzito) July 23, 2015

    #SomeoneTellCNN your reporting has no class so let us school you 1. Speak because you have truth, not because you have a mouth
    — Corinne Kahi (@CorinneKahi) July 23, …Read More

    Source:: The NET