God won’t listen to Nigerian songs – By Etcetera


    By Etcetera
    Photo: YouTube
    ‘Shoki hey hey Shoki!’ cries a voice from the radio to the beat of a nerve-wracking pandemonium that seems designed to drive you insane.
    A quick flick of the dial and ‘Shakiti bobo’ is playing. The worse thing is that the raucous noise emitted by the artiste is no match for the loud, odious din coming from the beat. The lyrics are completely lost – which may not be regrettable to some – but the whole tumult sounds more like bad static than music.
    I tuned the dial again. This time it was Olamide screaming ‘VANESSA VANESSA.’
    As the last strains of the song died away, the OAP cheerfully and enthusiastically breaks in, ‘Yes, that’s for all you listeners out there. That’s the way we do it right here at your cool station. We personalise our playlist to make you feel cool.’
    Cool kor, cooler ni…. I felt like telling the OAP that his choice of songs made me feel SICK.
    This is simply today’s Nigerian music! Something is terribly WRONG with it! Yet millions around the country – especially the young people – listen to it by the hour. WHY?
    What is there about this music that is so gripping? How can something so meaningless hold millions under its spell? Why does it serve as a common denominator – as ‘the tie that binds’ – for so many youths?
    Judging from how and what they’re saying and singing, it is easy to conclude that some of these artistes should be taken for mental evaluation! Music mirrors our emotions; it reflects our thoughts; it echoes our activities – it shows us the way we really ARE!
    Most Nigerian artistes are confused and bewildered – or they wouldn’t sing songs about not being able to tell right from wrong, or songs which purposely don’t say or mean …Read More

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