Read Timaya’s statement on rape allegation by US-based Nigerian woman


    Accused of rape in far away United States of America, Timaya has issued a statement stating his side of the story. Photo: Timaya/Instagram
    Here is Timaya’s statement released to Stella Dimoko Kokus on a recent rape allegation, by Shella, a woman based in the United States…
    I have been talking with this girl for about one year and its funny how someone you think you know can act very hungry and low. How can I leave Nigeria and go to America where the law works to rape anyone? Am I crazy?
    This girl who had been promising to blow out my brains with sex when she sees me begged to see me when she knew i was in town but i didnt know that she had a hidden agenda. I agreed to see her and she came to my hotel in Atlanta and we got down for real. When we were done and we were chilling, I got a call from my manager that we needed to start preparing for a show.She asked to go with me to the show as a couple but i said no and told her I was there to work.
    I got up and started preparing for the show but I realised her phone wouldn’t leave my face and she kept asking me stupid questions and even as I answered I wondered what she was up to, then it hit me that she was recording and I grabbed her phone and we struggled cos I wanted to delete the videos she had made without my consent. I don’t even know if she still has any but I deleted the ones I could on her phone .
    I called the hotel security and explained what had happened to them. I told them to open her phone so that I could see …Read More

    Source:: The NET