Should Toke Makinwa accept Maje Ayida’s apology? – Concerned NET readers speak


    Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida at the Ikoyi Registry, on January 15, 2014. Photo: Toke Makinwa
    Toke Makinwa’s estranged husband Maje Ayida has publicly apologized for his alleged misdemeanour, a month after news broke that he impregnated ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon.
    Nigerian Entertainment Today readers passionately share their views on what many consider a belated but appropriate move.
    See comments (mostly advice actually) below and join the conversation.
    Stella Nneke: Make peace with thy God, yourself, forgive your husband and take him back. No marriage is made of Rose flower petals alone, they come embedded with thorns. Never get tired of taking your husbands name continually to the feet of the Lord, he would make all things beautiful for you. Trust God blindly to turn this around. Block your ears to those that would call you names. It is well with you.
    Elma Peter: Madam Toke, forgive please. Wedding is for a day while marriage is for life. Shun bad counsellors, they will go back to their own houses and lick their wounds in secret and come out with a straight face as if all is well. Though your spouse might have derailed and drank from strange and stolen waters, have mercy on him. We all have our shortcomings here and there but God forgives us.
    Bernard A Idowu: The name Maje in Yoruba means Never. Toke should leave an Idiot alone because he wil do it to the new girl.
    Chinedumokonji1: He will continue to hurt you, he has always been hurting you and will continue, you know that, but if you love him enough, forgive him and go back to him, he is forever tied to that woman that has a child for him, you know that, you should also know he’s a Delta man, they are like that, if you can’t forget it, I’d say …Read More

    Source:: The NET