Seven things you should know about Beyonce’s pregnancy


    Jay and Beyonce with their daughter, Blue Ivy at the MTV VMAs. Photo: International Business Times
    Pop queen, Beyonce is pregnant again. The singer got lucky the second time around and the world finally knows why Beyonce has been covering her belly for the past few months.
    Although the couple hasn’t made an official statement regarding their second child, here are a few things you should know about Beyonce’s journey until she arrived at her second pregnancy.
    1. Beyonce has battled fertility problems in the past and even took medication in the hope that she would be blessed with a second child. A source close to Beyonce told OK! Magazine that the medication took a toll on the singer as she experienced mood fluctuations, weight gain, breakouts and more.
    2. The singer tried the old-fashioned method but struggled to get pregnant and finally gave in to medication. The couple even saw a fertility doctor, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did also not long ago.
    3. Although we don’t know much about how long gone she is, it is safe to guess that Beyonce is still in her first trimester.
    4. According to Hollywood Life (via OK! Magazine), Beyonce is still nervous about stepping out even though a baby bump is not evident yet.
    5. Jay Z and Beyonce went through a turbulent time in 2014 as rumours of divorce spread. Perhaps Beyonce’s second child could bring the two closer more than they have been in a long time.
    6. We all know that Beyonce is not one who’d make a statement about her pregnancy. When she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, the singer delivered the news in the most dramatic way by ripping off her shirt at MTV VMAs in 2011.
    7. For months now, Beyonce has been photographed covering her belly. And we finally know why.
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