Inspired by blood! Inside the world of Nigerian musicians who are brothers


    Nigerian music acts who are brothers. Dbanj and Kayswitch are now with DB Records after leaving Mo’hits in 2012. Photo: DB.
    Nigerian music industry is arguably the biggest on the continent of Africa. With the wealth and fame it brings, it is not unusual to see younger siblings take after their elderly ones.
    In this piece, NET profiles 10 Nigerian musicians who are brothers.
    Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti:

    They were born into the family of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti so it is not surprising that these 2 have gone on to perform the genre their dad created. With 5 albums and 4 Grammy nominations, Femi has registered his name as one of the biggest musicians from Africa while Seun Kuti who has toured Europe and America this year (and is still on tour) is also a successful musician. Femi started performing with Fela when he was 15 after he learnt to play the saxophone. Seun Kuti on the other hand informed Fela at age 9 that he would love to do music professionally. 5 years later, after the demise of Fela, Seun became the leader of Fela’s Egypt 80 band at the age of 14.
    D’banj and Kswitch:

    Unknown to many, DB records boss, D’banj while growing up was highly influenced by his elder brother, Femi Oyebanjo who died in a plane crash at the age of 17. Femi was in the Army and the dream of a younger D’banj was to join him in the military. However, the unfortunate crash which claimed Femi’s life while he was in military school squashed D’banj’s dream of joining the Army. He subsequently picked up Femi’s harmonica and that was how music started for him. D’banj has also directly been of influence to his younger brother Kehinde Oyebanjo better known as K-switch who has also made a …Read More

    Source:: The NET