‘Odumakin’s petition against Aregbesola another worthless hype’


The Bureau of Communication and Strategy in the Office of the Governor of the State of Osun on Tuesday described as another gimmick, the petition allegedly written and submitted to the anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) by a self-styled activist, Yinka Odumakin.
It says the petition is part of the ploy to continue to get media attention.
The Bureau said all discerning Nigerians need to do is to spot the difference between the supposed petition to the EFCC and the one which was submitted by a judge of High Court in Osun which has ended up discrediting the petitioner.’
A statement by the Director of the Bureau, Semiu Okanlawon said that serious-minded Nigerians no longer take Odumakin’s media hype with any seriousness.
“I dont think serious minded people take Odumakin serious again. After brainwashing a judge to waste her status and privilege of being a judge of a High Court to join the fray against Aregbesola on their dubious agenda, their next strategy is to keep making noise all over the places with hyped visits to EFCC, or ICPC.
“The question discerning Nigerians should ask Odumakin, Niyi Owolade, and other sponsors of this mindless pull-him-down project is: ‘With all the anxieties raised by the frivolous allegations against the Governor by their hired judge, why did the Judge chicken out when called upon by the House of Assembly to which they made her to submit her petition? Why did they also not encourage her to pursue her petition to its logical conclusion by simply availing the EFCC the opportunity to defend and substantiate the allegations when invited?’
“Nigerians are no fools and so, Odumakin’s trip to EFCC today is another in the series of their media hype all aimed at keeping the subject of their destructive mission in the minds of the …Read More

Source:: New Mail