Labi Odebunmi exposes Moelogo in new documentary


Labi Odebunmi, a young British-Nigerian director from London, is set to premiere in Nigeria a breezy documentary that will educate Nigerians back home about the rise and dominance of Nigerian culture in the United kingdom.
Premiering on Soundcity, an urban lifestyle channel, at 3pm on Saturday 15 August, the special documentary will debut with a focus on Moelogo, a British-Nigeria music star and first Afrobeats artiste to sign a recording deal with Island Records, one of the world’s most legendary record labels.
Island Records is part of the Universal Music Group, the worlds largest record label group and the home of greats such as Bob Marley and Amy Winehouse.
The documentary will cover Moelogo’s moment in June 2014 at the Island Records’ headquarters in London when he signed the recording deal.
It will also include an interview segment with emphasis on his background, his incursion into music, his day-to-day itinerary with the production crew, his video shoot and personal experience on the rise of African culture in terms of music in the UK.
According to him, the documentary will expose some of the cultural realities about Nigerians abroad through the personalities he will feature on the programme.
“I want to give average Nigerians who may not have the opportunity to fly to London to have the feel of the society and appreciate the cultural realities been imbibe by most Nigerians in the Diaspora,” Labi explained.
He noted that while a lot of Nigerians at home are looking at UK and America for inspiration, many of their peers abroad are having a reawakening and looking at home for cultural education and copy the cultural values.
“We have got to that stage in the UK where white folks including those at West End now dance to Nigerian music at their clubs and even play our Afrobeats songs on their …Read More

Source:: New Mail