Nigerian Customs boss, Dikko Abdullah resigns


The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Abdullahi Dikko Inde has resigned from his position, effective Tuesday, August 18.
Dikko was said to have formally written to President Muhammad Buhari about two weeks ago, indicating his willingness to voluntarily resign after six years in the saddle.
Born on May 11, 1960, Inde who is from Katsina State as Buhari, became Comptroller-General of Customs on August 17, 2009.
Though it could not be immediately be ascertained what prompted the Customs boss to throw in the towel, inside sources hinted our correspondent that, Inde has not been comfortable with his assignment since the emergence of President Buhari, ostensibly because of the roles he played in the build up to the March presidential elections.
It was also gathered that ever since President Buhari came into power, Inde has made spirited efforts to be in his good books to no avail, including sealing the warehouse of a rice-importing company over backlog of default in clearing import duty.
However, Wale Adeniyi, Spokesperson of the Nigerian Customs Service, NCS who confirmed the resignation of Inde, effective Tuesday, August 18, told our correspondent in a telephone conversation that, the outgoing Customs boss willingly wrote to the president requesting to proceed on retirement.
“I don’t think it is fair to insinuate that the Customs boss resigned for fear of being sacked. This is a man who personally wrote to the President about two weeks ago. So if the President wanted to sack him, would he have waited for him to resign, or even accept his letter of resignation?
“I think it is important for us in this country to learn to appreciate people in this country. This is a man who has served three Presidents and he is in his sixth year in office but choses to resign even when his tenure hasn’t expired,” …Read More

Source:: New Mail