Parrot detained by police for abusing elderly woman


Indian police said on Tuesday in New Delhi that it had summoned a parrot accused of hurling abuses at an elderly woman.
Local Police Chief, P.S. Dongre, confirmed that the parrot was summoned by the police after carrying out a test to check whether the bird was guilty of bad behaviour.
He said that the bird was summoned following a complaint by one Janabai Sakharkar, 75, of a village in the western state of Maharashtra.
According to him, Sakharkar had complained that her neighbour had tutored his caged pet called “Hariyal” to utter obscenities whenever she passed by his house.
Dongre said that the complainant also accused her step-son, with whom she has a property dispute, of colluding with the neighbour, following which all three, including the parrot, were summoned to the police station.
He said the parrot seemed to have become self-conscious, with all the attention from the police and kept mum when confronted by the complainant.
“The woman repeated her name to the parrot as its cage was brought near her, but the bird would not say a word,” he said.
The officer disclosed that the parrot had been handed over to the forest department for release into wild life.
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