Simi, Falz, X3M Music and the ‘Jamb Question’ – By Charles Novia


    Simi and Falz in ‘Jamb Question’. Photo: Youtube
    I just watched a musical video of a supposedly new female act called Simi, titled ‘Jamb Question’. It’s the first time I actually took notice of the video or song and I was impressed.
    First, the song is quite a beautiful composition with simple melodies steeped in our highlife roots with a tinge of a neo – urban flavour to it which makes it appeal to both the old and new generations. It’s quite uplifting to know that we still have great songwriters who can borrow from the rich inspiration of the past to create something novel for a new generation fast losing its history.
    Simi, the singer, did justice to the song and her looks in the video though was a bit off. I felt she had too much make up on which distracted from the narratives of the video. But her singing is simple and good with no extra frills in her rendition, which would have spoilt the song if she had gone overboard. She kept the song mellow and within the confines of her voice pitch and one could really feel the emotions in her voice when she sings disdainfully about the guy irritating her with ‘Jamb Questions’.
    And it was quite ingenious too to compose a song from a street parlance as ‘Jamb Question’ is to us in Nigeria. The trick is to get it right and I think this song did. Whoever the Producer of the track is deserves kudos. Sometimes the new music producers miss the essence of producing highlife songs and leave out the horns arrangements completely most times. But this Producer bridged that gap with the soothing notes of the Sax. That is so cool.
    Of course seeing the trending artiste, Falz, in the video made it for me …Read More

    Source:: The NET