Tinubu, APC leaders shun Fashola’s book launch


The political cold blood between the two immediate past governors of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Babatunde Fashola came to fore Tuesday as notable political figures stayed away from the launch of three books written about his administration as the fourth executive governor of the state by his Special Adviser on Media, Hakeem Bello and Dapo Adeniyi.
The anxiety that preceded Tuesday’s book launch was aptly echoed by the chairman of the ceremony, Fola Adeola who said that only very brave people were bold enough to come for the ceremony.
According to him, “I believe everybody that came here today considers Fashola as a friend, brother, cousin, so I greet everyone and welcome them here. I will also say some people are here just because they are brave and not afraid.
“I believe in fullness of time, everything evolves and dissolves, things come and go. Fashola, SAN and a former Governor is now the only thing that will remain constant and the people who are here today are simply telling him that no matter what, they still remained his friend,” Adeola said.
Speaking at the occasion, Fashola urged the federal government to take the 2016 population census with all seriousness, if the nation’s quest for development would not remain elusive, describing falsification of census figure as the major hindrance to development.
Fashola said the onus is on us to get it right in 2016, saying that ‎ the people who did our first census now owing up that figures were falsified.
The books entitled: ‘The Great Leap: Speeches of Governor Babatunde Fashola,’; ‘In Bold Print: Thoughts Of Babatunde Fashola,’ and ‘The Lagos Blow Down,’ were compiled and edited by the two authors.
He said: “I say this, because data, in my view, is important. If the work of government is to provide services to …Read More

Source:: New Mail