Buhari’s anti-corruption mantra and challenges facing anti-corruption agencies, By Folusho Akinseye


Events in the past few weeks have left no one in doubt that the Buhari administration has set the stage for the prosecution of its promised war against corruption.
First, in an apparent move to plug loopholes facilitating leakages and mismanagement of public funds, the President recently directed all ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government to maintain Treasury Single Account (TSA) in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for all public revenue.
The move, which the Presidency stated, was to ensure probity, transparency and accountability in the management of public funds has been widely applauded.
Closely following that directive was the announcement by the President that the trial of people involved in the stealing of public funds will begin soon, in a matter of weeks. And then also came the constitution of an Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee to help plan strategies for a new offensive in the anti-graft war.
Nigerians are elated by this development. It shows that Buhari is committed beyond the rhetoric of his world declaration, during his trip to the United States of America, that he was determined to “Kill Corruption Before Corruption Kills Nigeria”.
However, many are wondering if government had properly thought out how to make this new initiative work and how to surmount the major challenges that had stifled the war in the past, so that the new offensive will not run out of steam soon.
These and other relevant issues are part of what the wise men of the anti-graft advisory committee are supposed to help government fashion out.
But as they embark on that assignment, it is important to remind them and all other stakeholders that the war or campaign against corruption is not new, it is not just beginning.
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Source:: New Mail