Movie Review: ‘Dry’ – A personal and imperialist intrusion into an independent work of art


    By Chilee Agunanna

    Directed by Stephanie Linus
    Produced by Jane Lawalata and Stephanie Linus
    Running time: 122 minutes
    Stephanie Linus’ movie, Dry, hit Nigerian cinemas on August 14, 2015 and some of those who have watched are heralding it as another major contribution of Nigeria’s Nollywood to the world’s collection of good movies. Here, still, are a few more thoughts on the movie.
    Firstly it has to be pointed out that most underage marriages in Nigeria happen in the northern parts of the country and sadly have some religious and cultural undertones. Most of the men that marry underage girls are Muslims (even highly placed individuals like the then governor and later senator Ahmed Yerima is a major case in point) and most polygamists are also Muslims because their religion allows for up to four wives, hence the efforts of Alhaji Sani (played by Tijani Fariga) to always complete his women flock to four and immediately after sending Halima (played by Zubaida Ibrahim Fagge) away accepts the injunction from his mother to go and marry even when he had three young beautiful women sitting on the ground before him.
    There is also an economic issue raised in the movie. Halima was cajoled and forced off to Sani for a dowry of not more than 12, 000 Naira because the parents are not well-to-do themselves and are indebted to Sani’s kindness towards them. The folly of their speed and willingness to sell her off so cheaply is also revealed when we discover that they are not even her real parents.
    There is a bigger problem of economic bullying as it doesn’t seem Halima would have been released easily at that age if Sani’s wealth and her family’s poverty are not in play. Even the village gossip, Dilaliya, expresses some reservations at the marriage which means it might not …Read More

    Source:: The NET