Lyrics: M.I Abaga feat. Ice Prince, Sarkordie – ‘Millionaira Champagne’


    Lyrics: M.I Abaga feat Ice Prince, Sarkordie – ‘Millionaira Champagne’.Photo: Filed.
    (Producer: DJ Lambo. Songwriters:M.I Abaga Ice Prince, Sarkordie)
    Ladies and Gentlemen
    I go by the name DJ Lambo
    We about to get this party moving
    I got a few of my brothers in the house sipping on that Millionaira Champagne
    You know what I’m saying
    Ice Sarkordie M.I
    Lets go
    There’s a lot of girls in here
    But you’re looking like you the one
    Omoge just be sincere
    You know you wanna have fun
    Why don’t you come kick it with a young black African millionaire
    Come kick it with a young black African millionaire
    Ok, look at you, now look at us
    Talk true, who resemble boss
    Ice prince:
    Yeah, boy me no think of that
    Man been flirting with the women’s
    Love back to back
    Been a long time we been schooling cats how to rap
    I been about my bullets
    Been getting loaded out the cataract
    Yeah I rap the hardest shit
    Yeah I do it back to back
    Yeah I rap on aboki and I VIP after that
    But what you gonna do me
    My nigga that why I laugh at that
    Like OMG cus boy them a talk a lot
    Niggas gettin smokin, but we burnin fast back to back
    Rappers calculating me, yeah I’m adding my further math to that
    Kill me or after that, who the bum or who the aftermath
    You can react to that and get seizure or a an heart attack
    I’m tired of the bullshit and all the crap
    I ain’t tryna prove a point that I can murder raps
    If I controlling that, put your ass into another lap
    Put your ass to sleep and
    show your girl that I was all of that
    Ok ok ok, I’m vexing
    Shebi you no see say we don dey sweat since
    Man demma shoot, man camouflage flexing
    Say na dem dey badder, she na me kon say my neck slim
    Its goons on the left goons on the right, goons in the …Read More

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