‘Stop embarrassing yourself ‘- An Open Letter to Soundcity


    By ‘Hadiyah Owoyemi
    (Tajuddeen Adepetu CEO, Soundcity. Photo: Filed)
    God truly answers prayers…. Just yesterday, I was discussing with some friends about the politics that goes on in the music industry (which is allowed by the way).
    First of all, Soundcity needs to take a back seat please, and stop embarrassing themselves.
    I’m glad Psquare spoke up, because this is the same crap they are pulling with all the other artists but they all don’t have the guts to speak up for fear of their videos not being aired.
    All accusing fingers point to almighty Olamide of Soundcity.
    Soundcity is a TV station that is loved and respected but it’s degenerating to something else because artists are being asked to pay X amount of money before their videos get airplay.
    Even the struggling and upcoming artistes are billed as high as N500,000 just to get a spot on their ‘FRESH‘ segment and it probably won’t air again after one time.
    A lot of gist has been filtering the streets about this Olamide’s arrogance and it’s appalling. What is most disappointing is the CEO of the company Mr Tajudeen Adepetu for turning a blind eye and deaf ears to people’s complaints about this Olamide’s act.
    It’s simply means that Tajudeen Adepetu too is getting kickbacks off Olamide’s charges.
    Mr Taju, you are highly respected in the industry (from the days of FAMILY CIRCLE) please don’t allow one hungry guy masking himself as the GM run your company down
    Why would a reputable TV station issue a statement saying that they stopped playing PSQUARE’s video because they were invited to perform at their event and they demanded payment which is only right???
    Still beats me. This so called event wasn’t free or was it? And even if??? Why shouldn’t they (PSQUARE) ask for payment?? Truth is, it wasn’t noticed that Soundcity wasn’t playing their …Read More

    Source:: The NET